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Skills learned: Adding Dice needed: 2Object of the game: To avoid throwing certain scores and being knocked out of the game.Directions for play: Decide before the game a score to be reached for a win.Even though the directions make this game sound easy, unless you are good at throwing 1s, this game may be hard for to play.The game is called “Pig” because the first player “hogs” the dice in an effort to win the game.

Most of my clients love the environment, and they graciously endure the workouts and come back for more.Large families and teachers will find this game effective. Any dice, which show a 2 or a 5, become “Stuck in the mud!You will need counters or small toys for each child. ”Skills learned: Addition – mental and scoring Dice needed: 5Object of the game: To achieve the highest score Directions for play: Agree a number of rounds – five works well – and total up the score.Working out with a trainer can be a very enlightening, empowering and educating experience."Minds are like parachutes - they only function when open." -Thomas Dewar I love training and I feel honored to have a job I look forward to going to everyday.

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