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The new partnership will see the production of patient-specific cancer tumor replicas, which will be 3D printed by combining CTI's bioink with a sample of patients' cancer cells.

3D printing will be used to create a customized stainless steel rotor for the personalized timepiece, which is made with Swiss precision and quality materials.

More Defense Distributed, a controversial online organization dedicated to designing and proliferating downloadable and 3D printable ghost guns, has filed a lawsuit against the U. State Department to challenge the latter's efforts to regulate 3D printed guns and limit how they are distributed.

More Wang & Söderström, a Danish art and design studio, has turned to 3D printing for its latest collection of vases.

More 3D printing company Carbon has announced a new collaboration with device protection company Incase at CES 2018.

Together, the companies will combine Incase's design savvy with Carbon's 3D printing technology to produce protective cases and skins for mobile devices.

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