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Note the rack of chisels on the wall, and the frame, compasses, and a plane on the shelf.Tools shown in a 16th century intarsia guild chest Illustration of joiner's tools from Joseph Moxon Mechanics Exercises (1683) This source includes a small curved item on the bench, a "holdfast" (Top right of the above image) which, fitting into a hole in the bench, was used to hold a piece of wood in place, the British-style coffin-shaped smoothing plane, and the Continental-style planes with shepherd"s-crook handles (this print seems to have copied from a French source).I think also that paintings of carpenters and carpentry tools must be accurate, because painters must have worked closely with woodworkers, for painters did not only paint fine art paintings on canvas or panels in the renaissance.

Jost Amman"s Book of Trades shows a joiner"s workshop as well as a lutemaker"s, with a frame saw, some sort of marking gauge, wooden squares, and planes—the planing being done against a bench stop.The verse below describes bending wood over a form.We can see two planes, two chisels, a mallet, a gluepot, a bench and a rather nice ax and block.(Incidentally there is painting of Noah building the ark, by Leonardo Bassano, but too dark to reproduce here).A very useful source is Hieronymus Wierix"s The Childhood of Christ. On the title page, notice the bench, without a vice but with a bench stop, some sort of marking gauge lying on the bench, frame saw, planes, chisels, ruler, and (behind the two-handed saw on the right) a long saw looking rather like a sword.

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