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A couple arrested after allegedly murdering and eating up to 30 people in Russia may have used dating sites to lure their victims, it has emerged.

Dmitry Baksheev and his wife, Natalia Baksheeva, were detained in the southern region of Krasnodar after pictures of a dismembered body were found on a phone, local media reports.

There are fears the 45-year-old has been feeding human meat to student pilots at the military academy where the couple worked.

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They are desperate “to have a family”, which means a husband who loves her and the kids.Because why else would you seek to meet someone from abroad, if not for a relationship?It takes 20-30 hours just to fly from a regional town in Russia to the USA or Australia.Seven containers of human body parts, 19 samples of human skin and remains pickled in jars were allegedly also found in the freezer and cellar of the couple’s home.Police fear Mr Baksheev found their victims by setting up meetings on dating websites, the “Going through the photographs, the woman has recognised more than 30 victims that they [had] killed and eaten together with her husband,” the newspaper quoted a police source as saying.

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